Finding the Passion in the Psalms

Mar 30, 2018 | Dr. James Carroll

Psalm 2 | God's Son, the King

Psalms 2:1-12

Overview - We worship the Lord & His Son because we know the cross is not the end.
1. The world fiercely and foolishly opposes God and His King.
2. However, God is not dismayed or deterred by this opposition.
3. Instead, God gives complete victory to the King, His Son.
4. Therefore, our response to God and His Son has eternal consequences.

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As our study through The Gospel Project curriculum has shown, the Old Testament points inescapably to Jesus. We recognize Him as the fulfillment of every promise to Israel and as her long-awaited Hope through subtle allusions and direct references. Beginning next week and continuing through Resurrection Sunday, we’ll examine four psalms that prophesy about the suffering and/or exaltation of Christ in order to be challenged to trust solely and fully in Him.