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Psalm 7

Posted by James Carroll on

“O Lord my God, in you do I take refuge.”
Psalm 7:1a

This song is attributed to David during a time of slanderous attack. The historical setting is impossible to reconstruct for a few reasons, but the heading and content of Psalm 7 give us plenty of insight. I was moved by several aspects of the song…

First, despite his place as the victim of unfair and untrue words, David examined himself. When I’m wronged, my initial reaction is not generally to reflect and repent. In any and all situations, though, sin is never far from me. May humility and repentance always be our posture.

Second, he pleads with God. When attacked, we often turn immediately to plead our case to someone. Often it’s a friend in whom we can confide. Sometimes we respond to the attacker. Sometimes we blast about it on social media. (Twitter and Facebook anyone?) But David turns to God who is our shield. May we always plead our case upward and rest in his care.

Third, he looks to God as his Advocate. The Lord is the Judge who will vindicate the righteous and “whet his sword” on the “man who does not repent.” God is just and we must trust him. May our hearts remain free of vengeance trusting in God to punish the guilty.

Fourth, he lifts up thanksgiving and praise to God. We have no indication that his situation has changed, but his song ends on a high note. He doesn’t wallow in self-pity over his sin. He doesn’t stew in anger toward his accuser. His heart burst forth with joyful acknowledgement of who God is. May we thank and praise God at all times.