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Faith-Hope-Love Infant Rescue

Posted by Rebecca Mudd on

Faith-Hope-Love Infant Rescue is an orphanage/infant rescue/foster home in Port-au-Prince Haiti. It was founded by Dorothy Smith Pearce (a native of Jacksonville, FL) in 2005. 

Started as a Christian ministry to restore malnourished infants and small children to health, FHLIR has morphed into more of a foster home for chronically ill children, children with special needs, abandoned, abused and neglected children. Some of the children are orphans, some are not. Dorothy Pearce’s main goal is to restore the children back to health so they can return to a family member.

FHLIR is a place near and dear to many people’s hearts. Many of our Haiti mission team members, myself included, who have visited these kids, are left with sincere attachments to them. Mrs. Dorothy says, “Our goal is to glorify God in everything we do. We endeavor to lift Jesus Christ high so that His light shines in all the dark places in Haiti. We teach our children to love and follow God as described in the Holy Bible. We want to lead all of them to a saving relationship with Jesus and our Father God.”

Up to 42 children have been in the care of FHLIR at one time but they are more comfortable with 20 to 25 children. All who have been there can testify that FHLIR is a home is full of love and laughter. The children bond to one another as brothers and sisters. You can see their beautiful faces at Faith-Hope-Love Infant Rescue’s FB page.