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Elder Candidates

Posted by James Carroll on

Our elders presented Dwight Newton and Josh Pinnick as elder apprentice candidates during our quarterly business meeting in January. After watching these men for several years, reflecting on their applications, and interviewing them, we believe God has gifted them to serve our congregation in this way. Following our recommendation, they introduced themselves and shared from the scriptures during a Sunday congregational worship gathering in early February. As we near our next business meeting and a request for the congregation to affirm them as elder apprentices, I want to make certain you have every opportunity to know them and learn why we believe God is raising them up to serve in this role. 

Dwight Newton

Dwight was raised in Frankfort attending Crestwood Baptist Church as a young child and Memorial Baptist Church through his teenage and college years. He has college degrees in psychology and public administration and is currently the Vice President for Human Resources at Zoeller Company in Louisville. He and Michelle married in 1996 and have three sons: Cole (19), Clay (16), and Zeke (11). The Newtons came to Parkway in 2000 and we’ve celebrated baptism with each of their sons following their professions of faith. Dwight has served in a number of places over the years and currently serves as an adult Sunday Teacher, a deacon, and as a deacon representative on our Administrative Team.

Josh Pinnick

Josh grew up in south Louisville where he graduated from Valley High School and attended Kosmosdale Baptist Church. He met his wife, Amanda, at the University of Louisville while earning a degree in finance. A certified financial planner, Josh works in product and business development for Transamerica, a financial services company. He and Amanda have been married for more than 16 years and have 3 children: Elayna (12), Caleb (10), and Luke (5). They joined our Parkway family in 2012 and we have been blessed to celebrate baptism with Elayna and Caleb as an outward expression of God’s work to save them. Josh teaches a young adult Sunday School class and has served in a variety of ministries over the years including: children’s ministry, the singles ladies oil change, and international missions.

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