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God’s Provision for Growth and Change
Posted by Marshall Adkins on

On the last Sunday of 2021, I preached a sermon from 2 Peter 1:3-4 on God’s Provision for Growth and Change. My aim was to show that God has abundantly provided everything we need to grow spiritually and experience lasting change. I suggested that these spiritual resources come through the...

Prayer Meetings -- Why Are We Doing This?
Posted by Marshall Adkins on

If we look back in church history, we see that God brings about seasons of renewal in the life of the church in response to the prayers of His people. These seasons of renewal are characterized by the display of God’s glory through sinners coming to know Christ savingly and believers being...

A Word From Marshall // Pastoral Associate
Posted by Marshall Adkins on

I love a good story. You know, the kind for which you scoot forward and lean in so that you don't miss anything. Such stories can be found in great books, the best of movies, or even a friend’s telling of a tale. We can close a book, exit a theatre, or leave a conversation with the sense...