Missions Spotlight

Same But Different . . .

Today marks three weeks since I landed back in my country!  In some ways these weeks have flown by and in other ways I feel like I arrived just yesterday!  However, my jet lag is long gone and I’m getting more and more re-settled into my apartment each day, taking time to visit and become reacquainted with all the familiar spots around town. 

It’s interesting that in many ways life here is the same as when I departed almost a year ago.  Familiar sounds...I don’t think there will ever be a time without horns honking; familiar weather...I arrived just in time for the hot, rainy season to begin; and familiar sights...like a man carrying a basket on his head!

What’s also interesting is that in many ways life here is different than when I departed almost a year ago.  I’m seeing more and more foreigners around; seeing more Nationals wearing western clothing (almost to the point that it semi-shocks me at times...the clothing is modest, but women wearing western clothing before was a randomly seen sight that is rapidly become more prevalent); and in many other ways life here is shifting and growing as the country strives to move out of it’s “developing” status. 

What has not changed is the faraway look in their eyes; the hard looks that have developed from living a difficult life and the hopelessness that surrounds a people who strive to do enough good to outweigh the bad they have done. 

The specific area where I often share is located about 150 miles away from where I live so the time spent there is strategically planned.  Within this next week I’ll have my first chance to once again visit my National family I’ve grown to love there.  I look forward to this reunion and the beginning of my life intertwining with those I know and new friends I’ll meet.

As I move forward ... accepting the different and embracing the familiar...
I’d love for you to ASK on my behalf ...

*for clarity and focus as I brush up on language skills and begin
studying to teach stories again in the language

*for wisdom as I step into some new roles and responsibilities on my team

*for peace for myself and my family as we continue learning how to weave our lives together while being separated by oceans and miles.

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