Missions Spotlight

This month for our Missions Spotlight we will look into the Hajj of Islam. Each year Muslims from across the world make a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia (the most holy city for Muslims). The Hajj is a pilgrimage that each adult Muslim must make at least once in their lifetime. It is the fifth of the Five Pillars of Islam (fundamental practices of Islam). In the picture below we can see thousands of Muslims surrounding the Ka 'bah (the black shrine in the middle). Much of Muslim life centers around this shrine. It is considered the most sacred place on earth, and so is also known as the qibla (direction of prayer). So this is the place Muslims face as they pray each day.

This year Hajj took place toward the end of July into early August. Be in prayer for our missionaries that are seeking to reach Muslims across the world. We have two partners with our church that are specifically seeking to reach Muslims. So be in prayer for the W Family and M as they pursue this work. May God be glorified!