Missions Spotlight

Hey Parkway Family!

I hope each of you are well and looking to our Lord during this chaotic time. While many of our priorities have been changed for us, remember that the priority of sharing the love of Christ and His gospel has not changed at all. This is a great opportunity for our local body to be reminded that the church isn’t a building, it is a people. The church is you and me. And because we are still living we have a job to do in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This means we can be looking for ways to serve even now. Reach out during this time to our folks that cannot get out of their homes. Maybe they are in a long-term care facility or are self-quarantining. Reach out with a phone call, text, or letter of encouragement. Pray with one another. Use or learn to use modern technology so you can meet together in some way and speak the truth of God’s Word into each other’s life.

There will also be many in our church that have specific needs during this time. Our staff will seek to fulfill these needs as best we can, however, we will need your help! If you are available to help with the various needs that may arise, please let us know. Email Gretchen at to say you can help. We will let you know if and when we need help. Thank you so much!

In Christ,
Allen Brooks