Missions Spotlight

This month for our Missions Spotlight we wanted to talk about Ramadan. This is a sacred month to Muslim people all across the world. It began on April 13 and will end on May 12, 2021. There are five ‘pillars’ in the religion of Islam. One of those is fasting. During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from sun up to sun down. It is during this month that they seek to be closer to Allah. They believe that it was during this month that the first verses of the Qu’ran (the Islamic holy book) were given to the prophet Muhammad.

We need to be praying for Muslims everywhere to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That although they seek Allah, they may encounter Jesus instead, and experience salvation.
Pray especially for our mission partners in South Asia and Central Asia as they work specifically with Muslim people. Pray that God would give them courage and strength to speak the truth of the Gospel. That we would see Muslims submit their lives to Christ. Also, pray for those in our community that practice Islam. Pray that we would be given opportunities to share the Gospel with Muslims here in Bardstown and Nelson County.