5:30 PM // Fellowship Meal

6:30 PM // Class Listing
    Nursery (Birth - 2 yrs old)
    KidZone (K3 - 6th Grade)
    Midweek Meet-up (7th - 12th Grade)
    Adult Learn4Life Classes

Conversations on Cultural Issues  //  James Carroll  & Cody Truett  //  F-131
The last 16 months have uncovered a growing divide between our world and the Scripture. From racial tension to gender confusion, the culture is awash in chaos and actively contributing to it. We’ll take a close look at both the contemporary perspectives and the biblical perspective on a variety of issues to discern the differences and discuss the best way to shine light and persevere in an ever-shifting environment.

Evangelism Training  // Joseph McCord  //  F-132
What is the gospel and how do I share it? This question seems to plague many believers. In this course, we will study the gospel with the purpose of being effective evangelists. We will end the course by putting to practice what we learn. Our hope is to sharpen old tools and gain new ones that will equip us to go into our communities with God’s message of salvation.

Fundamentals of the Faith  //  Marshall Adkins  //   F-128
What are the core beliefs and practices of the Christian faith? This class will provide newer believers with a rock-solid foundation and help mature believers sharpen their understanding of key doctrines for the work of evangelism and discipleship.  


Parkway Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making disciples.

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