We know that this is a strange and uncertain time for everyone.  Our greatest hope and prayer is that God would receive all the glory in and through all of these circumstances. He is always at work, even when we don't see it or feel it. While He is working all things together (Romans 8:28), we have some privileges and responsibilities as His children. Hebrews 10:22-24 encourages us to do a few things: (1) draw near to God (v.22), (2) hold on to hope (v.23), and (3) encourage one another by spurring each other on and continuing to meet together (v.24). 

At this time, because of our challenges with the limitations due to the COVID-19, how we meet and encourage one another will be different. These new ways of doing things could last for just a few weeks, or they could be a new normal for the foreseeable future.  We want to keep our kids engaged in the Bible and keep them learning about Jesus.

Here are some resources that we have put together for you.  

Week Plan
We miss our Wednesday Evenings with you.  While this is a break from gathering corporately we still want to connect you with Biblical truth.  We are excited to provide weekly plans for you that focus on our mission and vision, Fellowship, Obedience, Service and Missions.

Remember this is a fun time.  Don't let this stress you out - it is a means to come together.  If you need help or assistance with any of it, please email   

Sunday Plans
Parents, every Thursday we will send out a weekly newsletter with links to videos, Bible lessons, activities and fun resource pages to help you on Sunday morning.  Let this be a great time for your kids and for you! If you need help or assistance - please call the church office at 502-348-4677.