Adult Small Groups

Sunday small groups are a primary way we gather to study God’s Word, build relationships with other believers and care well for one another. While we are practicing social distancing, our small group Bible studies remain essential.  As we open back up, things will look a little different, but our goal is the same.  Seating will be spaced out, and your location likely has changed.  If you have any questions or concerns, let us know!  We want to do our best to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your group to meet.  One more thing! As you walk through our building we ask that you wear your mask. We want to love each other well during this time! 

College Aged Class // F-132 // 9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Adkins // Main Lobby //  6:00 PM Sunday Evening

Brawner //  Crawlers’ Room //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Brooks //  Choir Room //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Brothers/Goff // F-135 //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Chandler/Spalding // Office Lobby //  6:30 PM Tuesday Evening

Christy/McCord // F-133 //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Flanagan // Online // 9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Hall // Main Lobby //  1:00 PM Thursday Afternoon

Haynes //  F-126 //  10:15 AM Sunday Morning

Minter/Runner //  K-4 Room //  9 :00 AM Sunday Morning

Newton //  Youth Room //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Rogers //  Office Lobby //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Vincent //  F-131 & Online //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

Weddle/Raisor // Library //  9:00 AM Sunday Morning

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