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About Parkway Baptist Church

Parkway Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making disciples.

Church Discipline // Dwight Newton

What is church discipline? Does it mean time out or does it mean expulsion? Why should we practice church discipline? How do we discipline with love in mind?

Luke: Good News of Great Joy // Lee Ann Vincent

Jesus—who is this son of a carpenter who could preach, heal diseases, and cast out demons? Pointing to Jesus as the promised King of kings, we’ll learn how Jesus’s earthly ministry is good news for all, especially the downtrodden, the hurting, and the outsider. This study is exclusively for women.

Engaging with Roman Catholicism // James Carroll

The history of Roman Catholicism runs deep in our community. Bardstown was home to the earliest Roman Catholic settlement in Kentucky, with an estimated 300 families in the final years of the 18th century. Within two decades of their settling here, Pope Pius VII established the Diocese of Bardstown (1808) as the first one west of the Allegheny Mountains. More than 200 years later, the influence remains strong as 23% of the population of Nelson County professes affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. Even more than the statistics, we know of its influence through personal contact with relatives and friends. But what should we make of it? Is it a rival religion? Do we share the most important beliefs? Should we seek to evangelize them? This class will explore these and other questions by examining the official doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and considering how to interact with others in our community.