I WILL... | Isaiah 40-55

Oct 22, 2017 | Dr. James Carroll

Isaiah 49:1-13 | Rejoice in the Servant

Overview - Rejoice because this Servant brings God's comfort and compassion to His people.
1. Rejoice because this Servant will surpass all other servants.
2. Rejoice because this Servant will succeed.
3. Rejoice because this Servant will save to the ends of the earth.

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Demoralized, humiliated, and homesick, God’s people were held captive in exile in Babylon for decades. A century before Nebuchadnezzar’s army destroyed Jerusalem – robbing the temple, tearing down the walls, and burning most of the city – and plucked them from their homeland, God sent words of comfort and hope through his prophet Isaiah. Knowing they would doubt Him and His promises during these tough days, God reassured them that through the devastation His purposes would be advanced, and not thwarted.

These beautiful chapters in Isaiah confront raw emotions, answer difficult question, and reaffirm the promise of salvation for God’s people. In these sixteen chapters, God speaks through his prophet and more than 80 times He commits to a future action. God says, “I will…” He speaks before He is ready to act inviting us to trust in Him As we look back on these words through the lens of the revelation about Christ, we will rejoice in knowing that God kept every promise and brought salvation for His people through His Servant. Begin reading through these chapters and prepare to be shaped by the God who never fails to follow-through when He says, “I will.”