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Deacon Update for August

Posted by Mike Brooks on

At our last meeting, the deacons voted unanimously to ask the church to join them in studying what the Bible says about elders and church leadership.  We will be leading all student and adult classes through a 4-week study on church leadership, which will include discussions on what elders are and how the Bible describes their function.  The deacons have been studying these topics for quite some time and we will be teaching from a small book from 9Marks entitled Leading One Another: Church Leadership.  These books will be available for every church family soon and the study will begin on September 7.  At least one deacon has been assigned to lead each class and, where possible, the deacon leading will be a member of that class.  We ask that every church member and regular attendee commit to pray for this time of study and consideration about the leadership structure of our church. 

The curriculum for The Gospel Project has been distributed and, while it will not be used in class during the month of September, we want to encourage you to read through the lessons in your personal devotional time.  We will resume the study of this material on October 5 with the lessons assigned for that day.

As always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of deacon.