Missions Spotlight

 Our Missions Spotlight this month is Jason and Amanda Aaron. 

Their family came and served at Parkway Baptist Church for many years, before following the call to move north. God lead them just south of Detroit to serve in Monroe, MI.  Read below for a personal update from Jason:

Isaiah 46: 9-11 has been such a blanket of comfort for us.  This has been a season of tilling the soil.  And what has been so exciting for us is that God is starting to add to our initial community group.  Little by little we are seeing new people come.  This group has been quite diverse which has brought us such joy.  We have a girl in her early 20’s who has one child and is expecting another.  Amanda has been discipling her for several weeks and just recently the young woman asked the question, “Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?”  Moments like this make the struggle worth it.

It is getting to the point that our group is praying for multiplication to occur.  Our living room is becoming too small for everyone, so we are currently praying through starting a new community group within the next 90 days.  In those gatherings, we typically share a meal, study a passage of Scripture, and pray through different requests as the people have a need.  Just recently we have implemented some singing as well which has been exciting. 

There is a small church building that we can see from our front porch in which we are pursuing.  The church was built in 1943 and will remind many of you of an old church your parents or grandparents attended.  We absolutely love the church and the location of it.  It has such a familial feeling to it.  We can’t express the gratitude we feel for the leadership and the people of Parkway Baptist. One day several weeks ago I had an awful few days.  My soul was downcast and I felt a strong sense of depression.  The day in which the depression reached its peak, we received a package from the DNow girls that had the sweetest notes and some goodies.  I wept as I opened that package and was so grateful for the body of Christ at Parkway.  And this is just one of the many things you all have done for us in this season. And for that, we are forever indebted.

 Prayer requests:
That God would help us to identify and raise up leaders.
That God would provide the resources for this church building.
That God would allow Amanda and my heart to be knitted as one.
That God would protect our children and family.

If you would like more information about the work that they are doing and how you can be involved in supporting them, email  or visit https://www.outpostmonroe.com/.