Missions Spotlight

Welcome Home Monica H. 

Monica is returning to our church on August 2 - our goal is to love her well while she is back home. If you see her walking through our hallways or around our church, please take a moment and say hi! If you want to know more about her journeys and her travels - invite her out to dinner or to your home.  Monica is on furlough from her current job - it is a time of getting re-energized for what the next journey may be.  As a church, let’s surround her with love and encouragement.

Here is a little excerpt from Monica’s email that she had sent out before she left her country. 

Endings...New Beginnings?
What might be a little misleading, I don’t view my time here in South Asia as ending...but this season of my time here is definitely winding down.  In 3 short weeks, I’ll be departing here and heading back to the states for a time of refreshing and renewal (and hopefully seeing many of you).  But, there is SO much that still needs to happen in these three weeks! 

Pictured above are four young ladies and their teacher.  They have been learning to sew this past 6 months and we’ve been pr@yrfully sowing Truth into their lives.  Their official graduation will take place on Friday!  As we wrap up these last few days please remember these ladies...we will have our final opportunity to encourage them to consider the most important decision they’ll ever be asked to make.  Above, they are watching the J film...about the life of J#s^s!  I’m blessed that I will be attending their graduation time.